Unlimited Kitchen Hours Copy
3,000 USD  / month
This plan renews automatically.
Cancellation Notice 120 days
Sign Up Fees 1,500.00 USD
Minimum Commitment 1 month

This plan provides the client unlimited hours of kitchen time. If the client books the kitchen and does not use it they will be charged an additional fee of $22/hour for each hour reserved and not used. This time may be used as needed and does not rollover to the next month.

One must attach a credit card when signing up for this plan. Once approved and before you can book, the credit card will be charged the sign up charges (Deposit & Key Access).
The credit card may be charged for monthly invoices unless there is another method of payment on file.

Note: Priority given to clients when requesting for private use of the kitchen.

  • One (1) Shelf of Dry Storage
    20.00 USD / month
  • One (1) Shelf of Cooler Space
    25.00 USD / month
  • One (1) Shelf of Freezer Space
    35.00 USD / month
  • Two (2) Shelves of Dry Storage
    40.00 USD / month
  • Three (3) Shelves of Dry Storage
    60.00 USD / month
  • Four (4) Shelves of Dry Storage
    80.00 USD / month
  • Two (2) Shelves of Cooler Space
    50.00 USD / month
  • Three (3) Shelves of Cooler Space
    75.00 USD / month
  • Two (2) Shelves of Freezer Space
    70.00 USD / month
  • Three (3) Shelves of Freezer Space
    105.00 USD / month
  • Full 2-Door Cooler Overnight Weekly
    60.00 USD / month
  • Five (5) Dry Shelves
    100.00 USD / month
Booking Credits
  • Convection Oven / Kitchen A / Kitchen B
    Price per hour: 22.00 USD
    100h/month included (combined)
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