Welcome to Alamo Kitchens' booking tool. We will use this space to schedule time in the kitchen.

Basics of using the kitchen. Scheduling & Cancellation. You schedule your kitchen time online. You can schedule as far in advance as makes sense for your business. If you determine you don't need your scheduled kitchen time, please cancel it within 8 hours of the scheduled time to avoid being charged for the time.

Signing in & out. There is a sign-in sheet on the bar of the kitchen. Sign in and out of the kitchen. This is one of the ways we verify who was in the kitchen.

Cleaning. The kitchen will be clean when you enter and should be clean when you leave. Please schedule time to clean. The chemicals and towels you need to clean are in the kitchen. You are welcome to bring your own dish soap if you have a preference. Please sweep and mop as a part of your cleaning.

Garbage. At the end of your kitchen time, PLEASE take out the garbage. THIS IS IMPERATIVE. The dumpster is on the side of the The Oaks smoothie bar. Please make sure the garbage is INSIDE the dumpster. When you take out the trash, please turn the trash can over so nothing gets inside the can.

Before you go. All dishes are cleaned and put away. Counters and equipment used are cleaned. Floor is swept and mopped. Please turn off all lights in the kitchen. Make sure the thermometer has been set to 78 degrees.

If you would like to secure the entire space for a private event, please contact Tracie at 210-909-9988 (voice/text).

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